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GOAL: $5,000 saved by December 2016

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Hey guys!

I’m setting myself a challenge to save $5,000 by the end of December 2016.

I’ll be posting my daily spend everyday here on The Debt Free Wallet, I’m using this page as my accountability buddy :) I’ve created a rough budget from now until the end of December, saving $5,000 won’t be a breeze but I believe it is possible.

On a later post I’ll be detailing more of that budget. I’d love to hear from others in the ‘savings’ zone, or smashing out debt! I know the power of hearing other people’s success stories, it’s what kept me motivated to pay off almost $15,000 of credit card and personal loan debt in 2014. :)

The Debt Free Wallet blog is starting small, but it would be so great to build a community of like-minded savers and peeps paying off debt! You can also follow me on Facebook at The Debt Free Wallet 

Record your spending for 30 days

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Where the heck does my money go????

If you don’t know exactly what is burning a hole in your pocket, you won’t get on top of your financial goal. Until you know where your money is going each day, week and month you can’t create a realistic budget. Your budget is a financial road map, without one you are just driving around aimlessly and  doing burnouts in your driveway.

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Coffee is killing your budget

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How to put an end to the coffee sized hole in your wallet

A word to all the caffeine addicts out there. Coffee is killing your budget, one takeaway at a time. The most rock solid budget will come undone with the trickle of daily coins to fund your coffee addiction. Read on to understand how this daily dose of goodness is hurting your budget and what you can do to get it under control.

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